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   The possibilities with a 120 degree angle

School Principal and Mathematical Science Teacher Jiyuunomori Gakuen Mr. Yutaka Nakano

The first model I made with LaQ was a closed shape to confirm that it was possible to make a closed shape from the block parts. I thought it should be possible when I saw the triangle base parts and the 120 degree joint parts.

What makes LaQ such an entertaining construction toy is the simplicity of consisting of only 7 types of parts, with the possibility of creating an infinite variety of shapes and structure. A child’s mind will be filled with new realizations and discoveries while playing with LaQ by using his ideas, imagination, and dexterity in creating a challenging structure.

LaQ is a highly satisfying toy for a child as it is possible to complete an image not only in his mind, but by being able to see, hold, and play with his creation.